Best Throwback Family Movies (why stop at 50!) - What was your favourite?
June 26, 2021

Best Throwback Family Movies (why stop at 50!) – What was your favourite?

By Landyn

Do you want to spend some quality time with your family? Are you looking for sharing some laughs and cute moments of togetherness with your family but cannot figure out the right way? One of the best ways to spend time with your family is to watch a good movie along with a home-cooked meal. Don’t worry, we know just the right way to do that, and we have got your back. Stream unlimited throwback family movies and web series Telugu online on aha OTT platform. South Indian films are well known for accommodating a wide range of genres in a single movie, which makes them one of a kind. They can be action-packed yet tear-jerker, horror yet comedy at the same time. This uniqueness is what has gained South Indian movies nationwide love. You can watch webseriestelugu online on aha app.So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and start streaming one of these classic movies along with your family to make them remember their old days as well as experience them yourself. Some of the old classic movies available to stream on the aha OTT platform are – 

Little soldiers – Released in 1996, Little soldiers is a thriller and comedy film. Directed by GangarajuGunnam, has won many awards, including the Nandi Award for best screenplay writer, Nandi award for best director and many more. It revolves around two children becoming orphaned due to an accident and later warming up to their Grandfather.

Jameela – Yamaleela is a classic comedy that starts with a young man finding Lord Yama’s book that predicts the future and uses it to earn money for his ancestral home, causing lord Yama to come down to earth to claim it. Released in 1994, it was directed by S.V. Krishna Reddy. 

Mayalodu – Mayalodu is a 1993 comedy and drama film. It is directed by S.V. Krishna Reddy and Ranga Rao Kurra. This movie revolves around Veerababu, a street magician implicated in double a murder done by someone else, causing him to use his magical powers to be forgiven.

April Okati Na Vidudala – Being a comedy – thriller, this movie is about a young man, Divakaram, a habitual liar, who takes up the challenge of transforming himself into an honest man to win the heart of his lover. This movie is written and directed by Vamsy. It was released in 1991.

Aha OTT platform is heaven for the fans of the South Indian Film industry. Loaded with the latest films and old classics as well, aha is the right place for youngsters and elders. Be it any latest Telugu web series or an old classic movie, you’ll find it on the aha OTT platform. Moreover, aha has the sweetest collection of romantic Telugu movies, making it the best romantic movies. So, wait no more and subscribe to aha for unlimited entertainment.

Happy Watching!